Excellent Tips for property search beginners

Excellent Tips for property search beginners


Excellent Tips for property search beginners

Our excellent tips for property search beginners assist those who are new in real estate.

Maybe you want to get a property of your own. It is easy to get confused as to where to start. Well, that is the way it is with a lot of things. All experts started as novice, so goes a popular saying.

For the interest of beginners like you we have compiled these important tips that will guide you and serve as baby steps in your property search journey.

Apart from the fear that comes from swindled out of your hard currency following these tips would give you better value for your time and money after you reach a deal.

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Search properly

Count the Cost

Next thing a beginner needs to consider is to count the cost of getting a particular property. That way he would know whether to continue on acquiring a property or not depending on his budget.

For instance, you would do well to consider the cost of transportation living in that kind of neighborhood in respect to your work place, place of worship of other important distances in your life that you need to constantly cover.


Transportation can become a major challenge for people living in affordable houses which are located outside the city. Before jumping at an offer because it appears very cheap, ensure you can afford the other costs associated with this move.

Can you commute to your job from this location? What is the proximity of the property from schools, markets, place of worship, hospital etc.? Is there service charge, how often do you have to pay and what does it cover?

These are examples of things to consider before making a big move. Ensure you look at the big picture and how the property you are considering will fit into your lifestyle.


Find Good Real Estate Agent

A good real estate can highly compensate for your lack of experience and be a grand savior in time and resources in your property search.

A good real estate agent would help in getting the right house at the right time and right price.

A good real estate agent can easily access information of the prices of the houses in the market in comparison to those similar to yours.


He can also carry out inspections on the property, financing and also bargain with the property owner on your behalf.

You do not want to wait till you have exhausted yourself physically, emotionally or financially before turning to a real estate agent.

Start your search with a reputable agent who is a trusted adviser to guide you through the maze of your property search.


Properly Document any Deal

Don’t make the mistake of not documenting any transaction that goes on in the process of property search.

Whether you are buying or renting a property, transfer of a lot of money is usually involved and it is important to have in writing not just how much you are paying out but also have an agreement detailing what you are receiving in return.

A verbal agreement is not a wise course to take even between two consenting adults especially when the transfer of money from one party to the other is involved.


Without presentable evidence when the circumstance of the other party changes you can find them defaulting at the agreement an there is simple nothing you can do. It will only become your word against there’s.

With a written agreement, you can work towards getting a refund should the other party fail to meet key terms of a deal.


Need professional assistance in getting a property? Contact us now to discuss further.

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