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Dubia of Africa


Dubia of Africa | Teewhy Homes Blog Post

FACT: Lands in Ibeju Lekki currently appreciate by up to 100% every year.

When I sat down to write the content of this page, I thought to myself; quite a good number of persons know about ibeju lekki already, some persons are even aware of the developments going on in this area and that it is already becoming a hub for investors

But still, there is a problem.

The problem is that, there is a larger number of people who are yet to see how investing in the“Dubai of Africa”could be one of the best investment decisions, if not the best they have ever made so far.

Then another thought came to mind; I thought… “How can I help more people understand that investing in ibeju lekki will yield crazy benefits (pardon my choice of words) in the nearest future?
How can I help more people understand that timing, price and location are three important factors to consider when investing in real estate?and the time is just right for ibeju-lekki.

How can I help more people see that, with less than 1 million naira they could invest in this location that is developing very fast, and at such a time when the cost of investment is still very low?”
And then I thought to myself again, instead of just talking about the features, instead of just telling people that there is a dangote refinery, or there’s a deep sea port and that there is a free trade zone in ibeju lekki,why don’t I just extract the end benefits to the investor.

Then I came up with a list of benefits and that’s what you have here:

1. High profit margin on resale of lands:

If you decide to buy plots of land in ibeju lekki without an intention to build on those lands; you could resell those lands whenever you choose and make huge profits from the sale.

A plot of land that sells for 1.5 million naira today can easily sell for 15-18 million naira or more in 5 years; depending on the exact location of the land.Even if it is just one plot of land you have in the area, you’ll be making 10- 12 times your original investment.

That, if you ask me is an awesome deal any day! Look at this example: A plot of land at cherry wood courts which is along the free trade zone was sold for 1.5 million naira in 2015 and remained so until early 2016, by the second quarter of the year, the cost increased to 2 million naira and increased again to 2.5 million naira; right now, a plot of land at cherry wood goes for 3 million naira (and this is October 2017).

Just within one year, the value of this land has doubled! Now imagine what would happen in 5 years. In 5 years I think the value would have multiplied by 10 or 15 or even more.
When this happens, the person who bought at 1.5 million will have an asset of more than 15 million Naira. Even if he decides to sell off the land, he has made back what he invested, 10 times or more.

What if you decide not to sell? …and all you do is lease your lands to banks or foreign investors? At such value, you’ll be making huge revenues from these deals; depending on your negotiations and you still get to keep your asset which will continue to appreciate in value.

2. Passive Income from rental apartments

Now, considering the industries that are going to be situated in ibeju lekki, the banks and businesses that will open up branches in the area, one should know that all these businesses must employ people and these people must live somewhere.

What if you decided to erect rental apartments in the area? That would be a sure source of passive income and you will still have your land which will continue to appreciate in value. If a one-bedroom apartment costs between 1 and 1.7 million naira in lekki phase 1, think carefully about what it would cost in ibeju lekki.


3. Shopping complexes and Hotels are not left out if you have not figured it out by now.

Ibeju Lekki just like Dubai will have a lot of foreign investors because of the free trade zone which offers tax free and free custom duty benefits to expatriate investors.
Most of these expatriates will not have homes in Nigeria. So what would happen? They will have to stay in hotels. Having a hotel in Ibeju-Lekki will be very profitable!

What about the new international airport? Look at this scenario; visitors arrive at the airport in Ibeju Lekki, stay in a hotel in Ibeju Lekki and transact business still in Ibeju Lekki.
And what about shopping complexes? As more businesses move to Ibeju Lekki and the population continues to increase, people who run small businesses will want to move their businesses down there too.

These businesses will need at least a shop. Think about the restaurant owners, boutiques, drinking bars… If you have it all planned out, you could have a shopping complex at the right place and you continue to generate more income.
What about schools? Event centres? These are good investment plans that would generate good income in Ibeju Lekki.


4. Easy access to the mainland and easy movement outside lagos.

The way Ibeju Lekki is planned, you cannot complain of traffic congestion when trying to access the mainland. Do you know that the 4th mainland bridge will pass through ibeju lekki and connect the mainland?
Do you know that this 2-level bridge which should be ready by 2019 will provide alternative traffic routes from ibeju lekki to ikorodu; ikeja to ajah?

Living in Ibeju lekki will not just mean living in a well-developed area, it will also mean easy access to other parts of the state and even easy exit out of lagos.

Think about it, 3 years from now, the situation will no longer be the same. Lands will no longer be cheap. Serious development would have taken over.

The question is, are you waiting for that to happen before you pitch your own tent?
Are you waiting till you have to spend more for less? Or would you rather spend less for more?

You can talk to us and we’ll be glad to help you secure an investment.
You’ll be glad you did.

Call Oluwatoyin on +234 7039666209 for site inspections and enquiries.
Email : info@teewhyhomes.com

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