Teewhy Homes | 3 Ways to Give your Kitchen that Distinct Modern Look

3 Ways to Give your Kitchen that Distinct Modern Look


Teewhy Homes | 3 Ways to Give your Kitchen that Distinct Modern Look

In our part of the world many families do not put extra care to their kitchen as they would to their living room. While there might be many reasons surrounding such attitude we don’t need to continue to live the way things have been in the past.

In many modern homes today the kitchen has turned into a central part of many families environ for relaxation.

You can turn your own into that too and this would involve recognizing that many activities can go on in the kitchen and as such your kitchen should have an inviting ambience.


Meals prepared in the kitchen can be a good time for families to do things together. The kitchen can also be the place for a family to have a meal together. These are enough reasons put some consideration the choice of décor for your kitchen.

Little things like the type of faucet used by your kitchen sink can uplift the attractiveness and warmth attached to a kitchen.

Here we have compiled a few tips to guide you in decorating your modern kitchen:


Kitchen Walls

The beauty of a kitchen wall can be the first place to consider when considering the esthetic look of the kitchen.

You can consider getting the kitchen walls tiled or not. So if you take the option of tiling your kitchen walls then select beautifully-patterned tiles to line your walls. Floral patterns or tiny boxes may do the trick here.

On the other hand if you aren’t tiling the kitchen walls you could make use of wall papers and for picture of people of means, and then add one or two works of art at strategic corners.

This way you can bring some life and taste to your kitchen.


Kitchen Floors

The kitchen floor is another key part of your kitchen that needs careful consideration. The kitchen floor provides new opportunity to add the taste of your personality and achieve that modern kitchen look.

Your choice of flooring, whether it’s terrazzo or tiles, should be appealing. Consider the type of tiles used on your wall if your wall is tiled and make sure to buy tiles that fit the ones on your wall or else you would end up making your kitchen to be a messy mismatch of tiles.

Also opt for something that can easily be cleaned in the event of a spill, which happens more often than not in the kitchen.


Kitchen Counter, Cupboard and Island

A modern kitchen usually has this trio distinctive feature – Counter, Cupboard and Island (the counter at the middle of a kitchen).

In addition to their storage function, the Counter, Cupboard and Island give you the opportunity to add colour taste and a touch of originality to your kitchen decor design.

Traditional kitchens used to have mainly brown/wooden colour tones but modern kitchen has taken style of more colours. There are various gorgeous coloured panels used in the design of panels for the counter, cupboard & Island and if you are looking to have a colourful kitchen, this gives you a lot of room to achieve that.


Also, consider strategically placing a flower vase, with flowers, on your Counter table top and Island. Think of keeping rubber fruits in a fancy bowl or even real fruits on them, this will also breathe life into your kitchen.

You may also position chandeliers above the counter table or dining table; this overall enhances the look and feel of your kitchen. Moreover, there’s something regal about chandeliers.


Yes, your kitchen can be more than just a place to prepare meals and become a fun part of your family life and bringing each family member closer if you take special care to add taste and love to its look.


Have you got an amazing kitchen or have some amazing kitchen tips, please share in the comments boxes below.

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