Teewhy Homes | 7 Secrets When Shopping For Furniture For Your Home

7 Secrets When Shopping For Furniture For Your Home


Teewhy Homes | 7 Secrets When Shopping For Furniture For Your Home


Imagine going to shop for furniture for your new home. You just made the purchase and it is been delivered to home. When it arrives you realize that the furniture was too big for your home.

So what happens after? Live with it for the next many years, buy a new one and waste the money and time used in getting the old one? Truly such experience can be frustrating.

To be frank I have been in such a mess before and it wasn’t funny at all.

It is therefore important to give proper forethought before purchasing any item for your home.

What are some specific factors to consider when placing an order for that piece of furniture you desire in your home?


Consider these seven (7) factors that could be the entire reminder you might need when purchasing furniture for your home.


  1. Know What You Want

First of all determine exactly what you want in your home. Is there some furniture you want to buy immediately and leave some for later? Are you shopping for your living room before considering other rooms?

It would be best to draw up a list of things you want to buy. Possibly, have a checklist having the names of the furniture you intend to buy as well as the budget you want allocated to it. This gives you a very clear picture of what you need.


  1. Have a Budget

Keeping a budget is another important factor to consider. It is very easy to be attracted to all a lot of thing we see in the market. Without a budget is easy to spend and overspend over a piece of items we may not need or that which will hurt our pocket.

Advertising companies and businesses are doing all they can to lure consumers to purchase every item they have in their stores. They try to achieve this with all the packaging that they can get and their irresistible adverts and offers they give out.

So remember that your budget was done in relation to other aspects of your financial plan; like your transportation, savings, feeding and miscellaneous and so you want to stick on it.

Unless you are stingingly rich like Bill Gate then maybe you don’t need to look at the labels on the furniture when shopping. Bill Gate would not be that wasteful anyway.


  1. Measure Space in your home

So you remember the scenario I created at the outset. Yes, you don’t want to get furniture into your house to learn that the furniture cannot fit into your house as anticipated.

Therefore, always strive to get the measurement of the space in your home for which you are buying the furniture and not the other way around. This way, you save yourself a lot of time, money and avoid stress.

Before buying any furniture, always read the product specification/details to know the precise measurement of what you are buying. If this is not available, you can contact the store to get this detail.


  1. Lookout for Discounts

When going for furniture for you home, be on the lookout for discount. Check out for stores that have discounts on their wares.

There are also certain times of the year when furniture merchants and stores offer a lot of interesting discounts. Consider taking advantage of these offers.

One popular example is the Black Friday sales, which usually comes up in the last quarter of the year.

During discounted sales, you can enjoy as much as 50% discount on the items on offer. Apart from helping you save money, preparing for such opportunities also helps you plan for your home much better

You can save 20% of your salary every month from the beginning of the year in preparation for the Black Friday sales.


  1. Find the Right Store

Another important factor to consider is finding the right store. It is vital to find a store that fits your budget and taste of furniture.

It is possible to find a store that matches your budget but does not have kind of furniture you desire in terms of taste, quality and aesthetics. It is also possible to find suitable sofa that matches your budget but not one that appeals to you.

On the other hand, you could also find a store that has the quality of furniture you need but does not match your budget. Any of the disparities above would create a problem for you.

It is, therefore, crucial to find a store that strikes a balance in terms of budget and your expectations in terms of taste.


  1. Consider Payment method

For those who want to buy furniture online it is advisable to consider making pay on delivery as an option either using POS or cash at hand.

That way you can get to see what you are paying for and inspect it very carefully before you make payment.

This helps to also avoid situation where furniture could get broken or damaged while being shipped and you get stocked with a bad product. It would hurt you if you have already made payment for this furniture.

  1. Double Check for Hidden Costs

When making purchase for a piece of furniture, always remember to double check if there are shipping charges and other hidden charges that you might not be aware of.

Therefore, be on the lookout for taxes, shipping charges, duties as well as the name of the merchant.

Getting your home stocked with the desired furniture can be a pleasant experience to look up to. At the same time you can save yourself the stress and disappoint that many inexperienced buyers have by following these guidelines shared in this article.

You can also go online to find suitable samples or even to purchase one online. It opens you to the chance of having a variety of choses to look up to. You can also save yourself time and money moving around looking for furniture.


What was the last piece of furniture you bought and how would you describe your experience?


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