Our success stories are based on meeting the needs of our diverse customers.

Customer Driven Service 


Building residential and commercial properties from start to finish.

Sales & marketing

We have well trained sales agents registered with our company and we give adequate support to them to achieve fast and seamless sale process.


We represent our clients in terms of buying and selling of properties both commercial or residential. We carefully guide our clients through the process of buying or selling a property.

Property management

Supervision/maintenance of facilities or properties i.e power supply, water supply, refuse disposal, cleaning, security etc. We maintain while occupied and also when it's not in use.


Valuing properties. Valuation of both commercial and residential land or building.


We help to facilitate land documentation, stamp duties etc

Recommend Repairs

As a result of what we do as a company, we have established good relationships with artisans who are good and ever ready to work. Any of them can be recommended to a client depending on the need.

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