Purple Unlimited and Purple Jolly

Teewhyhomes has created special offers for its existing customers and prospective customers

Purple Unlimited

A special scheme introduced by Teewhyhomes that enables you gain special income earnings.

With “Purple Unlimited”, you have the opportunity of acquiring new properties like cars, furniture, home appliances, land, etc.

You can also enjoy amazing financial rewards and so much more.

Being part of “Purple Unlimited” is more prestigious than you can imagine.

The simple way to participate in the “Purple Unlimited” is to request the Products of Teewhyhomes and share them with your networks.

Kindly note that rewards are only for the sales through your referrals.

Purple Jolly

A special offer created for Teewhyhomes existing customers. Any customer that has bought a property from Teewhyhomes has the opportunity of buying 600 square meters plot in the Lush Gardens Estate at the price of #2.2m (OUTRIGHT PAYMENT ONLY) instead of #2.8m.

You can book a slot now while “Purple Jolly” is on.

Please be reminded that “Purple Jolly” is for existing customers only.

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